Empowering the world’s most motivated, caring, generous individuals to tackle the world’s most complex problems.


We believe nonprofits should be able to go toe to toe with the world’s most successful businesses in speed, agility, and expertise. To us, providing excellence means constantly pushing beyond our client’s expectations, and ensuring that working with us elevates their experience at every touchpoint.


We’re invested in purposefully pushing beyond the status quo in effort to discover the best possible methods, ideas, and offerings for our clients. This restless commitment to always improving is at the heart of everything we do at Zuri Group.


We’re committed to pushing the boundaries, but never at the expense of our client’s peace of mind. We don’t make promises we can’t keep, and we balance our entrepreneurial, innovative spirit with thoughtful integrity.


Today’s generations are the most generous in recent history.
Now could be the perfect time for nonprofits to be creating real change.

And yet — the sector is struggling to instigate impact. Why?


Hunger for authentic experiences, combined with strong preferences around accountability and transparency, make today’s generation of donors difficult to please.


After experiencing major international crisis of political instability, outbreaks of disease, data breaches, and financial scandals, the public’s trust in established public and private institutions has sunk dramatically.


Amidst ever-increasing innovation and social entrepreneurship, those who care about social change are actively looking for alternatives to the nonprofit industry.


As transformational social change happens in many different and new ways, some of the world’s most important funders have become impatient with the status quo in the nonprofit sector.

These barriers don’t discourage us.

In fact, they get us excited about the potential of the nonprofit sector. In order to solve the world’s biggest problems, we believe nonprofits need to compete with the kind of quick thinking, innovative offerings, and visionary perspective of the world’s greatest startups. We see the current state of culture as an invitation to do just that.

It’s going to take some fresh thinking.

Instead of a demanding demographic, we see a generation that invites innovation. Instead of deepening distrust in nonprofits, we envision an opportunity to create more measurement. Instead of the pressure to perform, we see a chance to change toward operating entrepreneurially. And, we view the search for societal solutions as an invitation to push back against the status quo.

Struggling to envision the leap?

Don’t worry. That’s what we’re here for.