Embedded Check-out Increases Conversion

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ZuriGive is a modal giving experience that helps your nonprofit raise more right from your website without directing gifts away from your giving platform

  • Embed your Engaging Networks or Blackbaud Internet Services page into your website to provide your donors a simplified journey from any device.
  • Reduce friction and boost conversions without shaking up your finance team and marketing data.

ZuriGive provides popular features and flexibility

  • Abandonment: Encourage donors to complete their donation with abandoned cart notifications.
  • Tracking and Analytics: Pass your tracking code and appeal code through from your ads to your website and on to your form to measure campaign performance.
  • No integrations needed: All donations take place on your current system. No integration or reconciliation needed.
  • Donor Personalization: Engaging Networks users can pass profile ids through to personalize the experience with pass-through parameters.
  • Same security and trusted service from your current vendor: ZuriGive uses your forms so no need to get new gateways or approve new vendors.
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