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Nephcure Kidney International


Integrating WordPress with Salesforce

Day after day, Nephcure Kidney International champions support for patients living with kidney disease. A hub for educational and advocacy resources, NephCure connects patients with opportunities to participate in clinical trials that aim to improve treatment options through KidneyHealthGateway.com

With hundreds of lives depending on their services, NephCure needed to determine a reliable solution to connect their back-end Salesforce CRM data with their front-end WordPress site which would allow patients and clinicians to sign-up for studies in specific locations, searchable by zip code.


A Solution to Connect

Zuri Group helped NephCure bring their systems together by creating a secure, real-time sync from the online tools provided on Kidney Health Gateway to the NephCure Salesforce CRM. Their new email authentication login system provides patients and physicians a secure way to sign-up, return to the system, and access personalized content.

The integration provides NephCure staff immediate interaction with patients, automated follow-up calls, and enables them to better serve the community.

By implementing a pre-screening process, KidneyHealthGateway.com is now a comprehensive platform for recruiting patients across the nation for clinical trials.


One integrated system with WordPress and Salesforce for enhanced management and reporting options

  Patients can search by zip code to find clinical trials in their area

  Patients can register, complete a pre-screening, and sign up for clinical trials in one centralized place

  Enabled the Development of physician portal

​​​​​Kidney disease patients around the world are Endlessly Grateful for Nephcure’s Support, and Zuri Group is delighted to contribute nonprofit consulting and the tools necessary for NephCure to continue on it’s mission of advancing treatment options for kidney disease. By working together, we can all make a difference.

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