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Zuri Group provides a full range of staffing and support for advancement services and major fundraising operations. With our fractional services model, your organization can access the right person at the right time, reduce operating expenses, streamline processes, and benefit from the expertise of the entire Zuri Group team.

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Recruitment and Talent Management

Interim Staffing

Back Office Support

How It Works


Did you lose your database manager? Having trouble filling an essential role? Is a key team member about to go on leave? Do you need better reports and more efficient processes?

Zuri Group’s talent management services can fill those gaps with highly specialized staff to strengthen your fundraising operations. Gain access to seasoned development services, professional report writers, and gift and data management professionals. Every organization is unique, so we’ll tailor a package to fit your specific needs.


Our Development and Advancement services include:

Organizational Assessments

  • Assess and take inventory of your organization’s functional areas, roles, and skillsets
  • Define business needs and objectives, and gather requirements for ongoing and special initiatives
  • Report findings and recommendations for services solutions

 Recruitment & Strategic Talent Management

  • Formulate job descriptions, requirements, and performance metrics
  • Conduct searches for qualified candidates
  • Vet candidates through screening, testing, and interviewing
  • New hire onboarding, including a 90-day project plan, training plan and schedule, and ongoing efforts to support the retention and impact of the new hire
  • New hire counsel, including performance coaching and ongoing support

 Interim Staffing & Back Office Services

  • Provide interim staff to perform duties while seeking a permanent candidate or to serve on specific projects
  • Interim Staff to transition to support role after permanent staff is hired
  • Gift processing, data management, reporting and analytics, and other advancement services.

 We’re on your team.

Strengthen your back office by enriching your fundraising operations team with strategic expertise and niche talent. Our services are scalable, flexible, and cost-effective to serve your immediate staffing needs and beyond.

Looking for expert staff?

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