Facebook Fundraising

Implementation & Stewardship

Connect with Donors and Uncover Data with Facebook Fundraising

Facebook Fundraising is a powerful tool for peer to peer (P2P) fundraising. The problem? Gathering data from your donors and connecting with supporters is a time-consuming process. With the right strategy in place, you can gain valuable insights into your Facebook donors while nurture fundraisers to maximize the impact of each fundraising campaign.

Maximize the Impact of Each Fundraiser

Our Implementation & Stewardship package is a full-service implementation plan to increase revenue from Facebook Fundraisers and convert donors into lifelong supporters of your organization’s mission. We’ll help you take advantage of Facebook’s free giving platform and capture donor data!

We’ll be your trusted partner to manage all Facebook fundraisers, provide donor life cycle management, and grow your fundraising platform into a viable source for revenue and long-term donor recruitment.

Why Use Facebook Fundraising?

The platform has become a powerful tool for peer to peer donations. With over $2 billion raised for charities via Facebook since 2015, it’s clear donors are using the social media platform to give to their favorite nonprofits. Trends show impressive returns for organizations that have embraced the tool as part of their fundraising portfolio. Here are a few reasons why:

No Transaction Fees

100% of the donation is processed and sent directly to your organization’s bank account

Easily Shareable

With a simple click donors can share your fundraiser to a group, close friends, or their entire network

Ease of Use

Setting up and collecting donations requires minimal clicks

Go Where Your Donors Already Are

An estimated 2 billion users per day are active on Facebook, including baby boomers who account for the majority of yearly gifts to nonprofits

What’s Included?

Documented timeline, content, and step-by-step instructions on how to engage donors within Facebook’s platform

 Strategy on how to gather missing fundraiser and donor contact information using a welcome series and continued stewardship

Marketing plans for continued communication to market your mission to these important supporters

Reach your fundraising goals

Connect with Facebook Donors | Gather Donor Data | Increase Fundraising Revenue

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