Evertrue Blackbaud CRM Integration

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Do you use EverTrue to help your fundraisers? Our bidirectional integration of EverTrue and CRM data will ensure that your fundraisers have current data at their fingertips to talk to your highest-profile prospects.

This integration removes the need for manual entry by automatically importing donor data from CRM into Evertrue, including constituent data, revenue summary information, prospect plans, and completed interactions. With bi-directional sync capabilities, donor interactions carried out in EverTrue are automatically added to CRM.

What are the benefits?

What are the benefits?

Save Time by Automating Data Entry

No longer will you need to spend precious time manually updating donor information in EverTrue. Donor data is updated in CRM and synced to EverTrue, so the most recent data is always available.

Live Data-Sync

Access the most current data from either EverTrue or BlackBaud CRM. When an update is made in one platform, the corresponding data is automatically reflected in the alternate platform.

How does it work?

Using an ad-hoc query customized to accommodate EverTrue’s structure, query output fields are used to export files directly to your EverTrue secure FTP site. Files are downloaded to your EverTrue instance where they can then be imported into EverTrue. Actions added in EverTrue are exported to CRM and linked to their constituent record in the same fashion.

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