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CRM Custom Tools by Zuri Group

Custom Tools for Blackbaud CRM by Zuri Group

Zuri Group has created several customizations to help Blackbaud CRM clients streamline the use of their system by better managing, engaging, and stewarding donors.

Limited versions of the Constituent Converter, Constituent Tiles, and Constituent Summary View can be downloaded free of charge.

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Zuri Group Responsive Design

Microsoft 365 Outlook
Blackbaud CRM Integration

Track and complete all donor communication and biographical updates directly from Microsoft Outlook into Blackbaud CRM.

Single Sign-On (SSO)

SSO (single sign-on) is a SAML 2.0 Service Provider which seamlessly authenticates users into Blackbaud CRM.

Blackbaud CRM Data Warehouse Utility Sync

Synchronize a copy of your Blackbaud CRM Data Warehouse and obtain direct SQL access to Blackbaud CRM data to use for a variety of purposes.

Blackbaud CRM Data Warehouse Express

Create custom blackbaud Data Warehouse extensions without ever leaving the Blackbaud CRM user interface.

BBIS Donation Form
Abandonment Tracking

Capture unsubmitted data entered on BBIS Advanced Donation Forms to follow up with
potential donors and complete abandoned transactions.

Fundraiser On the Go (FROG) Enhancements

Our version of Blackbaud’s FROG app with enhancements to functionality and user experience.

Luminate Online Sync Enhancements

Extend the standard LO functionality with this pre-packaged set of add-ons to globally identify and manage key constituent data.

EverTrue Blackbaud CRM Integration

This bi-directional integration of EverTrue
and BBCRM data will ensure that your fundraisers have current data at their fingertips.

Reeher Blackbaud CRM Integration

This bi-directional integration of Constituent, Interaction, and Giving data will ensure that your fundraisers have current data to work with.

Constituent Biographical Updater

Route all constituent update requests through a custom workflow to a centralized team where you can review and either approve or deny each request.

Constituency Display

Gives users the ability to hide specific constituencies on the constituent datalist.

Constituent Global Changes

This packages includes seven constituent global changes for managing data more effectively, including mass updates to constituent fields.

Auto File Downloader

Schedule the automatic download of a “Business Process” output within Blackbaud CRM. The resulting file(s) can be downloaded to a network share or sent directly to an SFTP server.

Batch Splitter

Split a large or complex batch into multiple batches to help with back-office processing. For example, split an online gift batch by Credit Card Type to make deposit reconciliation easier.

Recipient Batch

Use the recipient batch to add recipients to specific purposes that are set up to allow them.

Revenue Global Changes

This collection of global changes allows users to modify gifts for more effective data. Update the status of a recurring gift, or add or delete revenue attributes from gifts.

Constituent Compare Utility

Review and compare duplicate records and mark them for further action. Merge duplicates 10x faster than out-of-box Duplicates Report and Manual Constituent Merge.

Smart Field Refresh

This global change to constituent smart fields adds a “Date Added / Date Changed” field to reflect updates to a smart field value. Use a query view to query the values with the corresponding date fields.

Marketing Effort Refresh

Add newly activated marketing efforts to a queue.

Event Designator Updater

Update the designation on an event registration payment to reflect the event’s designation.

CRM Health Check

An assessment of your current CRM system to determine improvements for performance, data hygiene, and business processes.

Constituent Summary View

View the prospect manager’s name next to the lookup ID.

Constituent Converter

Easily convert an organization into an individual record or an individual into an organization record.

Constituent Tiles

Customize the layout of your key data for better accessibility and an improved user experience.

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