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Software and Integration Solutions from Zuri Group

Zuri Group was founded with the knowledge that nonprofit organizations deserve the same level of expertise, talent, and commitment that is afforded to the for-profit sector. With our Expert Access program, we extend that core principle beyond our team to a set of packaged solutions that extend the power of your technology platforms.

Working in close collaboration with clients and vendors, our software and integrations solutions can help you automate manual processes, increase data security and integrity, and help your organization save time and resources.

Our products and customizations, created by platform experts, provide the add-on solutions you need to make the most out of your product implementations.

These features support unique integrations, address gaps in functionality, help with reporting and data needs, and fix other critical functions that allow you to be more efficient and effective in your use of technology to advance your fundraising and mission.

Meet our Experts

Ken Swift
President, CRM Services

Patrick Shepherd
Senior Director, CRM Services

Brandon Ferris
Senior Director, CRM Services

John Auwaerter
Senior Technical Consultant

Chris Whisenhunt
Senior Developer

Featured Solutions

Single Sign-on for Blackbaud CRM

BBCRM LO Utility Sync

BBCRM – Outlook Integration

Reeher for Blackbaud CRM

Blackbaud Data Warehouse Sync

CRM Health Check

Why choose Expert Access?

Our solutions extend the power of your Blackbaud CRM, Blackbaud NXT, Luminate Online, Salesforce, Ellucian, EverTrue, and Reeher platforms.

Expert Access Program is continually updated with client input. With your annual subscription to the Expert Access program, you’ll get access to an ever-expanding suite of add-ons and integrations, as well as the services needed to implement them a health check to continually enhance your solutions, and the support that your organization needs to be successful.


  • Use what you need, as you need it
  • Test drive new solutions
  • No additional services costs
  • No new contracts
  • Dedicated ‘Expert Access’ Support
  • Onsite CRM Health Check
  • New solutions added every year

What’s included in Expert Access?

 As our team of developers create new solutions, they are added to the list of available components of the program, making your investment more valuable, year after year.

Currently, the program includes:

Single Sign-on (SSO) for Blackbaud CRM

SSO for Blackbaud CRM is a SAML 2.0 Service Provider that allows your organization to seamlessly authenticate users into Blackbaud CRM.

Join over a dozen other Blackbaud CRM organizations using SSO with their Shibboleth, OneLogin, Okta and other Identity Providers.

Luminate Online Sync Enhancements for Blackbaud CRM

The BBCRM LO Sync Utility is a prepackaged set of add-ons that extend the standard LO Sync functionality, making it possible for you to globally identify and manage things like:

  • Discount Codes
  • Recurring Gifts
  • Duplicate Registrations
  • Family Registrations Blackbaud CRM
  • Failed/Pending Gifts
  • Mismatched Country/State Values
  • Constituent Batches
  • Revenue Reconciliation

Blackbaud CRM Data Warehouse Utility Sync

The BBDW Sync allows your organization to synchronize a copy of your Blackbaud CRM Data Warehouse to an on-premise or third-party hosting location.

This allows you to have direct SQL access to your Blackbaud CRM data to use for variety of purposes; including creating SSRS reports and dashboards in tools like Tableau or Power BI.

Microsoft Outlook Integration for Blackbaud CRM

Track and complete all of your donor communications and biographical updates in Microsoft Outlook directly into your Blackbaud CRM.

Reeher/Blackbaud Fundraiser Performance Management Integration for Blackbaud CRM

Do you use Blackbaud’s Fundraiser Performance Management (formerly Reeher) to help your fundraisers?

Our bidirectional Reeher integration for Blackbaud CRM for Constituent, Interaction and Giving data will ensure that your fundraisers have current data to work with.

Custom Tools for Blackbaud CRM

Constituent Converter: Convert an organization into an individual record, or an individual into an organization record.

Constituent Tiles: Make your key data more accessible and improve user experience.

Constituent Summary View: See the prospect manager’s name next to the lookup ID. • Autofile Downloader: Quickly download files from CRM.

CRM Health Check

The Expert Access program includes an onsite CRM Health Check to continually enhance your solutions.

Constituent Biographical Update for Blackbaud CRM

Increase adoption by allowing users to update constituent information within Blackbaud CRM.

Users will be able to complete their updates using the same screens; however, all requests will be routed through a custom workflow to a centralized team to review and approve/deny each request.

No longer will you need custom forms or a central email box to manage the requested changes.

Blackbaud CRM Data Warehouse Express

Create custom Blackbaud Data Warehouse extensions without ever leaving the Blackbaud CRM user interface!

You will never need to create SSIS packages, modify text files, or open tickets with Blackbaud to extend the Blackbaud Data Warehouse.

BBIS Donation Form Abandonment Tracking

Blackbaud’s Advanced Donation Form for BBIS does not have the same abandonment tracking functionality as the Standard Donation Form.

Our solution allows you to capture important information about the donation and the potential donor to facilitate a follow-up so that they can complete the abandoned transaction.

EverTrue - Blackbaud CRM Integration

Do you use EverTrue to help your fundraisers?

Our bidirectional integration of EverTrue data will ensure that your fundraisers have current data at their fingertips to talk to your highest-profile prospects.

Have an idea for a customization you’d like to see?

Our developers want to know! Expert Access Program is continually updated with client input. Visit our Idea Board to share your suggestion and vote on other enhancement ideas from your colleagues.

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