Expert Access Program

One-stop solution and services for platform add-ons, integrations, and health check

Software and Integration Solutions from Zuri Group

Working in close collaboration with clients and vendors, our software and integrations solutions can help you automate manual processes, increase data security and integrity, and help your organization save time and resources.

Our products and customizations, created by platform experts, provide the add-on solutions you need to make the most out of your product implementations.

Our solutions extend the power of your Blackbaud CRM, Blackbaud NXT, Luminate Online, Salesforce, Ellucian, EverTrue, and Reeher platforms.

Why choose Expert Access?

With your annual subscription to the Expert Access program, you’ll get access to our suite of add-ons and integrations, as well as the services needed to implement any of our solutions.

  • Use what you need, as you need it
  • No additional services costs
  • No new contracts
  • Dedicated ‘Expert Access’ Support
  • Onsite CRM Health Check
  • New solutions added every year


Have an idea for a CRM customization you’d like to see?

Our developers want to know! Visit our Idea Board to share your suggestion and vote on other enhancement ideas from your colleagues.

Meet our Experts

Ken Swift
President, CRM Services

Patrick Shepherd
Senior Director, CRM Services

Brandon Ferris
Senior Director, CRM Services

John Auwaerter
Senior Technical Consultant

Chris Whisenhunt
Senior Developer

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