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Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Success

Zuri Group has been a leader in peer-to-peer fundraising since the company’s founding in 2007. We have applied our model of personalized client service and custom solutions to hundreds of client projects, turning challenges into success stories.

Whether you are searching for a new peer-to-peer fundraising platform, revitalizing an existing program, or struggling to maximize the impact of your technology, we can provide insight on the right solution for your program.

System Selection

Zuri Group has been platform agnostic since inception. We do not maintain formal partnerships with software vendors, although we collaborate and work well with many. We feel strongly that there is no “best” platform, but there is a “best platform for you.”

Zuri consultants will help define your requirements, give an overview of the market leaders, and evaluate platforms that best fit your peer-to-peer fundraising needs. Each of the market leaders have strengths and weaknesses, and considered evaluation up front can prevent unexpected surprises and challenges.

Because we have expertise with implementing these solutions, we are well positioned to advise on the best fit for you.


The secret to Zuri Group’s success is our blend of technical expertise and strategic understanding of online fundraising, user experience, and our client’s mission. Our implementation projects are thoughtful, efficient, strategic, and founded in years of hands-on technology expertise.

We are practiced with a full range of market leaders in peer-to-peer fundraising, including Blackbaud’s TeamRaiser, Sphere, Engaging Networks, Classy, Global Cloud’s Donor Drive, Artez. We do not simply implement these tools “out of the box,” but also have experience with customization, APIs, and integration.


Often, a standard platform will fit 80% of a client’s requirements. Zuri Group provides the additional 20% so fundraisers have everything they need to be successful and our clients meet their goals.

Custom development is our strong suit, and our designers and developers thrive on problem solving. We can make your software work for you. Games, maps, thermometers, leaderboards, honor rolls — you name it! If you can imagine it, and your system can produce the necessary data, we can develop and make it beautiful.

Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Strategy

The site is built, software is configured, customizations are tested, and staff is trained. Are we done? No. The fundraising fun is just beginning! We are now ready to roll out the strategic plan and build on your past success.

P2P veterans know that peer-to-peer fundraising is more competitive than ever. There are many opportunities to give back, many causes and events competing for participant’s attention. What makes your event different? We can help.

Zuri Group can find your competitive advantage — that special element that differentiates your event from the rest. We spread the word, through social media campaigns, ads, email marketing, and site optimization. We test, track trends of behavior, analyse the data, and craft a winning strategy to meet and exceed fundraising goals.

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Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Solutions

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