Design and Development

Our designers and developers are passionate about web design and collaborate with nonprofits as an extension of their team, implementing sophisticated site features, multi-channel and multi-phased redesigns, e-communication and social media tools, mobile apps, event management systems, and more.

Web Design That Works

Technical web design and development form the core of Zuri Group services. We specialize in data-driven, results-oriented creative design, custom development, and platform implementation for your online tools.

Founded on the belief that nonprofits have unique needs, Zuri designs and implements solutions that are tailored to your mission. We are experts in a wide range of industry-standard tools and have a proven track record of adapting these platforms for your success.

Zuri achieves results for our clients by combining knowledge of industry best-practices with the commitment and personal service of a dedicated team.

Platform Expertise

We have experience with a full range of market leaders in content management systems, including Blackbaud NetCommunity (BBNC), Blackbaud Internet Solutions, Classy, Drupal, Engaging Networks, Luminate Online, Magento, NeonCRM, Salesforce, WordPress, and more.

Design That Converts

We know that great design starts with a great user experience. Whenever possible, we look at your analytics data so that we can understand how users are interacting with your website, making recommendations that will improve the user experience and optimize conversions.

Responsive Design

A fully responsive website will ensure that visitors to your site are able to perform the most important actions, regardless of the device they use- but that’s not the only reason to consider responsive design.

  • Search engines take mobile-friendliness into account when ranking your website
  • A responsive site-design eliminates the need to maintain a mobile-only version of your website, making it a more cost-effective option
  • With just one version of your website to manage, updates are easier to make
  • Smartphones, tablets, and personal computers come in a range of screen sizes- responsive design allows you to quickly serve a consistent version of your website across each of those screen sizes with minimal effort

Our team of designers and developers are experienced with coding and implementing responsive solutions, so you won’t have to sacrifice eye-catching design.

Integrated Solutions

We know that sometimes you’re using one platform for marketing, one platform for donation forms, one platform for P2P or DIY fundraising, and another platform for your content management system (CMS).

We can help you build an integrated solution, or implement an existing integration so that donors, participants, and staff have a seamless experience.

System Selection

Zuri Group has been platform agnostic since inception. We do not maintain formal partnerships with software vendors, although we collaborate and work well with many. We feel strongly that there is no “best” platform, but there is a “best platform for you.”

Our consultants will help define your requirements, give an overview of the market leaders, and evaluate content management systems (CMS) platforms that best fit your needs. Each of the market leaders have strengths and weaknesses, and considered evaluation up front can prevent unexpected surprises and challenges.

Because we have expertise with implementing these solutions, we are well positioned to advise on the best fit for you.

Show Your Impact with Stellar Infographics

Infographics will help transform dense information or data into a fascinating story.

Design with Purpose

We partnered with the Lustgarten Foundation to perform a system selection, and then designed and coded a website that integrates a suite of back-end and front-end platforms- providing a seamless user experience for donors, volunteers, staff, and the community impacted by pancreatic cancer that the Lustgarten Foundation serves.

Flexible, Custom Solutions

Our custom WordPress themes are flexible, easy to use and easy to maintain- allowing Big Brothers Big Sisters of America and their affiliates to easily edit content, and customize the look and feel of their websites- even through a complete rebrand.

Integrated Solutions

We helped Mercy Home revamp their Boston Marathon P2P site to ensure donors, registrants, supporters, and staff have the best fundraising experience- from registration to the finish line.

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