CRM and Data Services

Learn to Love your Fundraising System

Imagine a database conversion that is on time and under budget. Imagine winning a team award for performance, following a system implementation. Imagine reducing stakeholder issues by 60%. These are our project realities.

Many organizations struggle with the donor database. You don’t have to settle for lukewarm staff reviews, mediocre performance, low adoption rates, and silo shadow systems. We are skilled in industry standard systems, and our team has over 100 years of Blackbaud software experience.

Our CRM clients are fully empowered to leverage the potential of the fundraising system. Business processes are aligned with technology and staff is enthusiastic that their tools support the way they work

People, Process, and Technology

  • CRM upgrade planning and execution
  • Outsourced system administration
  • Functional and technical training
  • Data conversions and/or data imports
  • Data management services (i.e. migrate, imports/exports, segmentation, merge/purge, etc.)
  • Custom development (integration and customizations)
  • Business intelligence and reporting
  • System performance analysis and tuning (hardware and software)

Help Where You Need It

We provide a full range of services including CRM implementation, data conversion, CRM customizations, training, data analysis and maintenance, migrations, project management, change management, and business process improvement.

Make Your CRM Work For You

Many nonprofits think they can own their CRM implementations – until the process starts. Software providers understand how their system can be implemented, but aren’t in the business of knowing the in-depth business processes and data intricacies of your organization. This is where Zuri excels.

Zuri Group’s technological expertise, deep knowledge of industry processes, and our commitment to your mission ensures that your CRM conversion is driven by your business needs, not a vendor’s schedule. A successful conversion is one that gives your staff more powerful tools and better data, resulting in more efficiency and accuracy.

Clean Conversion

In addition to our over 100 years of software expertise with Blackbaud CRM, our team is well-versed in other leading system including Millennium, Salesforce, Advance, Banner, and Raiser’s Edge. We have managed conversions, customizations, migrations and integrations, which informs our best-practice approach.

We are dedicated to efficient, clean, well-managed data conversions, and working collaboratively with our client’s data experts to streamline the process. We have developed a proprietary tool that facilitates data mapping and conversion, dramatically reducing programming time and the need for revision.

Consulting for Your Industry

CRM conversions are about more than just moving data from one field to another. Software consultants can provide valuable models, but the decision on how to use a new system is up to you. Too often, nonprofits focus on “just getting it done” and miss critical opportunities for business process improvement and leveraging new system capabilities.

With appropriate change management, your staff can stop dreading conversion and see it as an opportunity.  Zuri Group combines software and industry expertise with your nonprofit’s policies and business processes to ensure that you get the most benefit from your new system migration.

With years of experience working with the nonprofit sector’s leading CRM systems, Zuri Group has the technical knowledge needed to ensure an accurate system conversion — as well as the industry knowledge to know that off-the-shelf CRM systems don’t always fully meet your needs.

Zuri Group provides the critical industry insight to make the leading CRM systems work better for your organization’s data and business needs.

CRM: Assessment & Reimplementation

This project included a focus on organizational structure, prospect pipeline management, and campaign planning. We joined the City of Hope team to improve processes and operations and help them design a more efficient fundraising program.

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