Custom BBIS Advanced Donation Form

Southern Methodist University

Revamping the Online Donor Experience

Southern Methodist University wanted to increase their online donation revenue. And with a five-year, $1.5 billion dollar Ignite Campaign coming up in a few short months, they needed a sophisticated and engaging online donation form to support their goal. Our team developed a new BBIS Advanced Donation Form (ADF) with a modern and intuitive user experience to make the donation process quick and effortless for all SMU donors.

User-Centric Design: A Little Something for Everyone

The project was split into two phases: discovery and implementation. In the discovery phase, we focused on learning about the university’s donors, their preferences, and how to design a form that best supports their behaviors. In doing so, we identified several specific functions that would make online giving more convenient for SMU donors. For instance, university faculty now have the option to make a gift using payroll deduction; student donors are offered convenient payment options; and highly engaged donors can easily search for specific funds that interest them. Additionally, the university now has a separate, one-step quick form for donors to make a gift in as few steps as possible.

Southern Methodist University’s custom donation form offers these elements:

One-time and recurring gift options

Mobile wallet options for quick & convenient donations

Zuri Group Responsive Design

Ability to give to multiple funds in one transaction

Options for matching gifts from employers

Ability to encourage giving to a specific fund via prepopulated form fields.

We are excited to be a small part of Southern Methodist University’s Ignite campaign by providing them with a contemporary Advanced Donation Form that will support their mission for years to come!

Ready to level-up your online giving?