Luminate Online TeamRaiser

New Jersey Sharing Network

A Celebration of Life

New Jersey Sharing Network is dedicated to saving lives through organ and tissue donation. But their annual, multi-city 5k walk and run events are more than just a fundraiser–they’re a celebration of life.

We knew that we needed to design and build a microsite that would serve as the fundraising hub for participants and donors that they could use, year after year. The challenge was to ensure that their website (Blackbaud Net Community), their microsite (Luminate Online PageBuilder), and their event fundraising sites (Luminate Online Team Raiser) all had the same look and feel, so that we could deliver a seamless experience as users moved between all three.

Custom Event Tools & Integrations

Our coding expertise along with a deep knowledge of the platforms allowed us to craft a solution that matched the styles of the different websites, providing a cohesive design experience for users.

Leveraging TeamRaiser and PageBuilder features within the Luminate Online platform, we designed and built a microsite for their 5k events, complete with custom tools and integrations that make it easy for New Jersey Sharing Network supporters, participants, and staff to keep the event running smoothly, year after year.


Using the power of the Luminate Online platform, our solution provides:

Custom search tool that allows supporters and fundraisers to easily find teams to join and donate to

Custom integration that allows fundraisers to register as an organ donor during the event registration process, securely pushing data to the Donate Life registry

Top Teams and Top Participant leaderboards that are updated dynamically

Custom thermometer widget with live fundraising totals
across all teams and participants

​​​​​We are honored to help New Jersey Sharing Network increase support through P2P fundraising so they can continue to raise awareness and save lives through organ and tissue donation.

Learn more about the New Jersey Sharing Network at their website, and support their Celebration of Life by visiting their 2019 5k microsite.

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