P2P Fundraising & Luminate Online

Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada

At its heart, a partnership

Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada uses Luminate Online to support their robust peer-to-peer fundraising programs. Zuri Group acts as technical lead for strategy and implementation, providing Luminate customization to keep these programs moving smoothly.

These fundraising sites combine multiple Luminate TeamRaisers, Pagebuilder, and custom tools to provide a clean user experience, accessible fundraising tools, program information, and encouraging incentives. Zuri Group worked closely with HSFC to learn about obstacles and challenges from prior seasons, and developed a strategy to ensure supporters do not encounter similar hurdles.

3,000 Cities
9 provinces
127 TeamRaisers
4 Programs
2 languages

15 Participant Types
Completely Responsive UX
42 TeamRaisers
4,000 Schools
Responsive Participant Center
Integrated CMS and P2P Sites
Province and City Search
Bilingual Social Share
DIY Fundraising
Seamless Participant Management

Ride for Heart

This program allows you to Ride, Run or Walk on the traffic-free Gardiner and Don Valley Expressways in the heart of Toronto while raising money for Canadian research funded by Heart & Stroke. For FY18, Zuri Group implemented a brand new design for the Ride fundraising site, complete with half-width images and completely responsive behavior.

The registration process offers a toggle between Ride, Run and Walk to organize 15 different participant types.

JUmP rope for heart

Imagine kids skipping and playing with their classmates as they celebrate raising funds for critical research. That’s Jump Rope for Heart. Designed for students in elementary school, Jump Rope for Heart offers much more than a great day of fun, it encourages kids to maintain healthy habits and help their communities across Canada.

Thanks to the support of parents, teachers and principals, Jump’s popularity continues to grow. Close to 4,000 schools and 1 million kids will be Jumping this year alone.

Using participant types to manage school involvement

The Jump Rope for Heart program has prize-awarded schools and some schools who don’t participate in the prize incentive offerings. Zuri Group created a custom solution to show the participant types available to a participant’s school. These participant types support back-end tracking and front-end communication to ensure that each fundraiser receives the appropriate information based on their school’s participation.

To make roll-out and maintainance easier for Heart and Stroke’s staff, all 42 TeamRaiser sites include all available participant types. Custom code on Zuri’s servers determines what is displayed for participants using a clear and easy-to-change list.


When you join Heart & Stroke Canvass, you do so much more than ask for donations. Every dollar you raise, every person you reach, and every heart you inspire helps save lives and support families in your own community, and across Canada.

Province and City Search

P2P Canvass includes over 40 TeamRaisers to help organize participants based on HSFC Area Office. Users are presented with a Province drop-down and city search/select option to seamlessly direct them to the appropriate TeamRaiser.

Bilingual Social Share

French and English are both critical for the P2P Canvass audience. Zuri developed a social share tool in both languages, so participants can share with confidence that their message will be received.



My Own Fundraiser

My Own Fundraiser allows you to get behind a cause that touches all Canadians by creating a fundraiser in support of Heart & Stroke. Being part of any fundraiser is rewarding. But when you create that fundraiser and it reflects your personality and passion, it’s sheer magic!

Triggered campaign mailings based on custom event date

Zuri Group worked with HSFC to build and configure triggered emails to deploy based on a user’s pre-set event date. At the time of registration, and the creation of the fundraiser, users are allowed to provide event date details. These fundraisers will receive an email communication X days, X days and X days before the date the provided.

User Migration

HSFC’s My Own Fundraiser program is based on a do-it-yourself model. This site remains active 365 days a year. HSFC creates a fresh fundraising site each year to support fiscal year reporting. There are times where a fundraiser is created on the MOF website, weeks or days before the site is scheduled to shut down and the new site is scheduled to launch. Rather than requiring the fundraisers to re-register and create their event on the new site, HSFC and Zuri Group work to seamlessly migrate these users from the old site, to the new site, without the end-user ever made aware of the switch. This is done through the back-end management tools and a series of link redirects to ensure users land on the correct site when they manage their fundraiser.

Custom Badges on Personal and Team Pages

In addition to the standard badges for dollars raised, Zuri Group developed custom badges. These are awarded for number of fundraising emails sent, and are displayed on participant’s personal pages as well as the team page.


Zuri Group can help your organization reach your fundraising goals.