CRM Health Check

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The Problem

You are now live on your new CRM and while it is better, there is still room for improvement. Are you applying fixes for symptoms rather than root causes? Is there a more efficient way to get work done, with some minor changes to the system?

The Solution

Zuri Group provides CRM health check assessments. Many organizations find that it is invaluable to step back from the day-to-day and evaluate the big picture.

Zuri CRM health checks are tailored to organizations that have been on their new CRM system for at least twelve months. Both leadership and daily users now have a better understanding of actual needs, as opposed to the theoretical use of the system discussed during the implementation design sessions. Often we find more efficient ways to facilitate business processes through minor changes to system configurations and/or customizations.

The Result

Health checks find solutions that result in increased efficiency, better use of staff time and resources, and a greater confidence in the fundraising system and operations.

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