Seamless Honor/Memorial Giving

Committee to Protect Journalists

Looking for a Better Way

The Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) is an independent, nonprofit organization that promotes press freedom worldwide.

CPJ gets a lot of their support through honor and memorial giving and wanted to provide donors a user-friendly way to make gifts to CPJ in honor or memorial of a journalist, without adding administrative time notifying honorees. 

A Seamless Solution

CPJ uses Engaging Networks to power their donation forms, but the eCard functionality that comes standard with the platform requires donors to move through several authentication steps before the eCard can ultimately be sent.

A longtime Engaging Networks partner, we were able to leverage our knowledge of the platform and combine that with our expertise in donation form optimization to design and code a seamless solution for CPJ and their donors.

Using the power of the Engaging Networks systems, we partnered with CPJ to:


  Customize their donation form to support honor/memorial giving

  Dynamically change donation form fields to match the honor/memorial giving options that a user selects

  Completely responsive donation form design so that donors can have the same great seamless experience, regardless of device type

  Fully automated delivery of eCards and confirmation emails to honorees and donors

We are honored to help CPJ increase support through honor and memorial giving so they can continue protecting the world’s journalists.

Learn more about the Committee to Protect Journalists at their website.

Our team can help you optimize your donation forms for better conversion.