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Eager to dive into Luminate Online, but not quite sure where to start? Mastering the powerful fundraising platform takes years, but your goals won’t wait that long. Ease the learning curve with a team of Luminate Online experts to transform your fundraising visions into reality. From platform migration and onboarding to configuration, TeamRaiser, strategy and support, we’ll lend a knowledgeable ear and a timely solution.


Are you tapping into Luminate Online’s full potential?

As with all software, the best use of Luminate Online starts with a strategy. Stay up-to-date on the most effective digital fundraising tactics to skillfully maintain your Luminate Online account. Using best practices, we’ll help you better engage your constituents, grow your relationship with donors, and raise more funds.


Luminate Online Services

As your Luminate Online strategic partner, we’ll tailor a plan to fit the specific needs of your team. Here are some services we typically provide our Luminate Online clients.

Platform Support

  • Support for all LO modules
  • Admin configurations
  • Gift transactions
  • Donation form support

TeamRaiser Expertise

  • Build fundraising portals
  • Enhance fundraising sites
  • Custom fundraising sites
  • Staff training for event management
  • Built-in tools, including s-tags and coaching emails

Migration + Onboarding

  • Site setup and configuration
  • Training and documentation
  • Custom report development
  • Donation forms and campaign or designation management
  • Email marketing and optimizing key features like Groups and engagement series’

Does your team need some Luminate Online support?

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