RealZips Implementations

Geographic Data Solutions 

Make informed decisions based on actual market data, not just market research. 

RealZips is a geographic data solution built specifically for the Salesforce platform that adds geolocation data layers to your existing CRM data. You can rank areas by key metrics, analyze your performance in certain locations, and focus on areas with the highest potential. RealZips helps you manage prospects more efficiently by automating ownership rules and assigning fundraisers by territory, eliminating confusion over prospect ownership.

A proven solution used by many corporations, ZuriLabs is excited to serve as a RealZips implementation partner in the nonprofit and education space. Bring a new focus to your data for areas like mission impact, fundraising, and alumni club and chapter planning by uncovering hidden data. To learn more, explore RealZips for nonprofits and RealZips for higher education.

With RealZips you can:

  • Segment thousands of donors by region in hours
  • Analyze data by zip codes to detect performance patterns
  • Integrate constituent’s time zones for event and engagement planning

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