Expert Access for Luminate Online

Custom solutions for Luminate Online

Luminate Online is a powerful fundraising and engagement platform, but are you taking full advantage of all the functions Luminate has to offer? What if you could custom-tailor the system for your organization? Expert Access for Luminate Online is a collection of customizations blended with expert guidance to enhance your use of the platform. With a streamlined fundraising system, your team can better manage, engage, and steward constituents to strengthen your donor base and raise more money.

Expert Access for Luminate Online includes:

• Unlimited access to a library of innovative, pre-built Luminate Online customizations
• 20 hours of additional, custom Luminate Online development for a project of your choice
• Access to exclusive training sessions and webinars
• A preliminary half-day Health Check consulting engagement to establish a baseline of your organization’s current use of Luminate
• Quarterly strategic check-in calls for Luminate Online guidance

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