Blackbaud Data Warehouse Express

Expert Access Solutions for Blackbaud CRM

Create custom Blackbaud Data Warehouse extensions without ever leaving the Blackbaud CRM user interface. No more SSIS packages, modifying text files, or opening tickets with Blackbaud.

Blackbaud Data Warehouse Express creates a simplified verision of your Blackbaud CRM database. Users can pull customized reports more quickly and easily, add custom fields, and build custom tables without ever having to contact Blackbaud to get your data insights.

What are the benefits?

Data Insights at your Fingertips

No longer will you need to send Blackbaud requests to run critical reports on your CRM data.

Instead, you can create customized reports by defining the fields that are most important to you (and adding custom fields), deploying the table to the data warehouse, and viewing it on your own schedule. You can even add custom fields that Blackbaud does not offer.


Simple & Succinct

Modify and expand your data warehouse to focus on the data that matters most.


How does it work?

A simplified and denormalized version of your data in Blackbaud CRM, Data Warehouse Express allows you to extend tools into your data warehouse without having to go through third parties to build customizations. Create unique tables by defining and adding custom fields, and deploy the table to the data warehouse. 

We're here for you!

If you’d like to learn more about how the Blackbaud Data Warehouse Express and our other Expert Access Solutions can help your organization, please get in touch!

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