Constituent Biographical Updater

Expert Access Solutions for Blackbaud CRM

Increase adoption by having your users update constituent information within Blackbaud CRM. Users can complete their updates using the same screens; however, all requests are routed through a custom workflow to a centralized team. This allows you to review and either approve or deny each request. No longer will you need custom forms or a central email box to manage the requested changes.

What are the benefits?

A Centralized Workflow

Manage requested changes with an efficient workflow. View, accept, and deny requests to constituent information without having to set up a new email box for your team.


Side-by-Side Comparison

Compare all proposed changes alongside records in CRM to quickly identify which changes you’d like to accept or deny.

How does it work?

Enter new or updated demographic information for a constituent using out-of-box forms. Based on configuration, these forms write to a custom batch that can be reviewed and committed by a centralized team. 

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