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Access all of your NXT data in one location by creating a secure, local data warehouse. Aqueduct harnesses the Blackbaud SKY APIs to flow real-time data from your NXT platforms to your data warehouse, generating the most up-to-date information with very little maintenance. View your data in new ways through powerful BI reporting tools, and empower your team to make data-driven decisions.

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Capture trends for data-driven decisions

When you combine multiple NXT sources into a single data warehouse, you can analyze a comprehensive data set without having to compile and manipulate data from various sources. With all of your data now in one place, use the business intelligence tool of your choice (Power BI, Tableau, etc.) to examine trends and gain insight across your RENXT and FENXT data.

  • Create dynamic reports that guide decisions for fundraising, programs, and operations
  • Drill down into data points to better understand the impact of your key performance indicators
  • Users at all levels of your organization can gain perspective on data relevant to their position
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Save time with automatic updates

Once your new data warehouse is created, Aqueduct will auto-populate the warehouse with the NXT data you requested. And as new data elements are added to the SKY API by Blackbaud, those new fields are automatically added to your data warehouse on its next refresh.

With automatic updates in place, your Aqueduct data warehouse is the simplest way to access NXT data with minimal maintenance and little technical knowledge required. And where SKY APIs are not yet built out in NXT, Aqueduct will still bring in additional field information for the most comprehensive data view.

Get started with 3 simple steps

Creating a local, secure data warehouse with Aqueduct is easy. Just complete the following:

  • Enter your Blackbaud SKY API token
  • Enter your server location path
  • Click save!
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Flow your Blackbaud NXT data through Aqueduct

Enjoy the simplicity and peace-of-mind that Aqueduct offers knowing your Blackbaud NXT cloud data is secure, local, and easily accessible. Contact us today for more information!

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