What does this mean?

In short: The changes mean that nonprofits must operate and optimize their Google Ad Grants accounts like a real search marketer. The new policies go into effect on January 1, 2018

Maintain a 5%+ CTR, or risk Google Ad Grants Account Suspension/Cancellation

The new 5% click-through rate floor is real. If you’re bidding on keywords that align with the goals of your organization, and are doing so with compelling ad copy, you should be fine. CTR is not static: every account experiences fluctuation based on things like competition and seasonality. Simply put: If your Google Ad Grants account doesn’t achieve at least a 5% CTR for two consecutive months, your account will be suspended.

The bid strategy “Maximize Conversions” will now allow Google to automatically sets bids for you to maximize the potential for improved conversions. It uses algorithms to automatically adjust bids to ensure competitiveness. Instead of assigning a below-market ($2.00) CPC bid, which NPO’s had been forced to do previously, the Maximize Conversion bidding determines the perfect bid for any given ad in real time.

Additional Google Ad Grants Account Stipulations

-Your account must make use of geo-targeting, meaning ads served to locations that are relevant to the organization. If you work with families in Detroit, don’t serve ads to searchers in Florida.

-Each campaign in your Google Ad Grants account must feature at least two active ad groups, which must contain related keywords and two active text ads.

– Non-profits cannot buy ‘branded’ or ‘competitor’ keywords they don’t own.

– Keywords must have quality scores of 3 or higher.

– Campaigns must have at least two ad groups with at least two ads running in each.

– Accounts also must have at least two sitelink extensions active.

– Most single-word keywords are prohibited, the idea being non-profits should choose well-targeted keywords.


How Zuri Group can help

Zuri Group can immediately rebuild and optimize troubled campaigns, turn stale ads into compelling calls to action, and gain traction on weak keywords, turning a poor-performing Google Ad Grants account into an effective traffic channel that drives website conversions. Zuri Group can also assist with comprehensive siteside SEO, content improvements and keyword saturation. Please Contact Us to learn more or get started this week!




Geof Landgraf is our Senior Analytics Architect here at Zuri Group. Google Certified, he’s also a developer on opensource platforms like WordPress, Drupal, CiviCRM, Magento/Prestashop, and premium platforms like Luminate Online, Sphere and NetCommunity. This blend of technical knowledge and online fundraising expertise coupled with his strong SEO/SEM background provides an invaluable resource to many Zuri clients looking for a cohesive digital strategy that includes impactful content, increased visitor conversions, and an improved user experience.


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