The Engaging Networks Academy is an online learning program designed to help you grow your skills in using the Engaging Networks platform.

As an accredited Engaging Networks partner, we had the privilege of contributing to the Academy curriculum by putting together a course on peer-to-peer fundraising.

Engaging Networks Accredited Partner Badge

The course is called ‘Getting Started with Peer to Peer’, and is led by trainers John Siemiatkoski (Senior Sales Engineer, Engaging Networks) and our very own Skeff Flynn (Technical Consultant).

The course consists of approximately two hours of video. In it, John and Skeff walk you through:

  • Introduction to Peer to Peer Fundraising
  • Creating a new Peer to Peer site
  • Creating Groups and Teams
  • Peer to Peer Site Design
  • Creating Your Event
  • Setting Up Donations
  • Peer to Peer Success Strategies
  • Peer to Peer Resources

In addition to the Peer to Peer learning track, the Academy also features courses on Data & Reporting, Advocacy, Email, Technology Development, Ecommerce, The Supporter Hub, and more.

If you’re an Engaging Networks customer, you can request access to the Engaging Networks Academy through their website.


Lorealle Bishop is a marketing consultant here at Zuri Group. She understands the impact that messaging can have at every touchpoint of the user journey and helps organizations build a communication strategy that reflects their core values and supports their business goals.

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