The Classy Collaborative Conference took place this week in Boston and our Digital Fundraising Powerhouse Duo, Molly Kelly (VP, Digital Services) and Margaret Hiss (Senior Consultant),  were there to get updates about the Classy fundraising platform and talk tech with some of the organizations that we work with who are using the Classy fundraising suite to power their online fundraising.

Classy Fundraising Logo

If you’re not familiar with Classy, they provide state-of-the-art fundraising tools for nonprofits and many organizations use their platform to power their donation forms and peer-to-peer events.

While the Classy platform does come with a participant search page to help donors find family and friends, it does not provide a way to search across multiple campaigns. We work with a number of organizations that have a signature fundraising event series that takes place in many different locations across the country, and we know how imperative it is to their fundraising success that supporters be able to search across multiple campaigns at once.

Classy Plugin for WordPress

Leveraging the expertise of our developers, designers, and digital fundraising experts, we developed a WordPress plugin specifically for Classy that allows site visitors to search across and navigate through multiple Classy Campaigns from a single landing page. This comprehensive search tool allows friends and family to find a particular team or fundraiser to donate to and helps potential fundraisers to find an event in their location.

We’ve put together this video for you so that you can see the Classy Plugin for WordPress in action, and learn more about its functionality and flexibility.


Zuri Group's Classy Plugin for WordPress


If your organization is using the Classy platform to power your online fundraising and WordPress to power your website – we’d love to hear from you! Get in touch with us and we’ll make sure that you get all the benefits of this comprehensive search tool.


Lorealle Bishop is a marketing consultant here at Zuri Group. She understands the impact that messaging can have at every touchpoint of the user journey and helps organizations build a communication strategy that reflects their core values and supports their business goals.

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