Time to get that Campaign tracking!

Is your inbound traffic a mixed bag? Are you having trouble attaining (and retaining) qualified site visitors? Content writers, email creators and social posters- there is an invaluable bulletproof tool in the Analytics toolbox: append URL’s with desired unique tracking UTM codes.

Each link can be given a Source, Medium, Name and some optional fields like ‘term and content’ useful for ads.

  • Source: is for setting a traffic source/referrer, such as ‘newsletter’, ‘facebook’, or ‘EOY18’
  • Medium: is the marketing medium, typically either ‘cpc’, ’email’, ‘press’, ‘social’- but can be anything you choose
  • Name: The specific appeal, promotion, campaign being run, such as ‘appeal2b’, ‘boston’, ‘2-18-valentines’, ‘splashpage’

Making a Unique URL

Our target/landing URL starts as this http://example.com/donate and becomes this http://example.com/donate?utm_source=enewsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=2018-july2B 

Google provides handy builders for this URL creation, like Campaign URL Builder which also can covert URL into a Short Link [eg – ‘https://goo.gl/VG2vgB’]. There are also lightweight 3rd Party URL builders, which help adding the &utm= for source, name and medium.

Google Analytics - URL Builder

My links are uniquely traceable, now what?

Congratulations! Your Custom Campaign data is now passing into Analytics and can be uniquely segmented or added as a dimension to nearly any report, segmenting out a wealth of data.  If you want to drill directly into these campaign names and labels themselves, look no further than Acquisition > Campaigns > All Campaigns

Google Analytics - Campaign Tracking



Would you like some help? Zuri Group can help your data really flow! Contact us to get effective campaign tracking on your marketing strategies and site visitor engagement with Google Analytics and Google for Nonprofits.

Geof Landgraf is our Senior Analytics Architect here at Zuri Group. Google Certified, he’s also a developer on opensource platforms like WordPress, Drupal, CiviCRM, Magento/Prestashop, and premium platforms like Luminate Online, Sphere and NetCommunity. This blend of technical knowledge and online fundraising expertise coupled with his strong SEO/SEM background provides an invaluable resource to many Zuri clients looking for a cohesive digital strategy that includes impactful content, increased visitor conversions, and an improved user experience.


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