Is CDP the new CRM?

Have you heard the news? 'CRM is a thing of the past. CDP is where it's at these days.' A CDP, or customer data platform, allows users to integrate data across multiple applications so that engagement details and strategies can be housed in, or at least accessible...

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Intelligence Driven Donation Form Design

Performance Analysis for your Donation Forms with Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools You likely know the highest performing page on your website, but do you know the critical drop point on your donation process? If you shook your head, you’re not alone. We spend so...

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Do What You Do Best

One of my core principles in life has always been "stick with your strengths." I further define this as "hire the right people to do the things you don’t know how to do, want to do, or have time to do." The results will be better and ultimately more efficient. This...

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