P2P Fundraising Games

American Heart Association

In 2016, the American Heart Association brought out a zoo to help kids to live a heart-healthy life and fundraise for their programs. In 2017, they were ready to create a monster.

Every monster starts with powerful and intimidating parts — gamification, personalization, and competition were on the table. Add to that a platform transition from Sphere to Luminate TeamRaiser, and AHA was looking at a real Frankenstein. Zuri’s expert lab assistant Molly Kelly was there, as always, to help!

With her team of inspired design wizards and code surgeons, Molly worked with AHA and their other vendors to design and build experiences to keep kids engaged and tools to tie them together.

The heart of the experience is the Virtual World, the technicolor treehouse where kids can hang out with their monsters and compete with each other.

In the Virtual World, kids can earn points by sending e-cards, watching educational videos, or playing games — customized for AHA by Zuri Group!

It’s data that keeps this monster animated, and that is where Zuri Group developers shine. We built custom APIs to bring together data from our own programs, from third-party vendors, and from Luminate Online. We crunched the numbers to provide live leaderboards and smart totals.

Then, we added both Google Analytics and our own reports so we can keep improving this program year after year.

That is just one our successful projects for the American Heart Association.

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