CRM and Data Services

Imagine a database conversion that is on time and under budget. Imagine winning a team award for performance, following a system implementation. Imagine reducing stakeholder issues by 60%. These are our project realities.

Zuri Group's talented CRM services team works with a broad range of nonprofit organizations. Each team member brings a critical blend of knowledge, combining understanding of non-profit business processes and the technical acumen needed to solve client challenges. We work with organizations small and large, collaborating side-by-side to achieve their goals.

Our team brings numerous skill sets and product knowledge which empowers us to provide comprehensive support to our clients through CRM implementation, data conversion, CRM customizations, training, data analysis and maintenance of the system, project management, change management and business process improvement.

We can improve your CRM performance and user experience -- whether the cause is hardware, software, or staffing. Let us help you get the most from your technology.

Blackbaud Data Warehouse Sync Utility

Are you a Blackbaud CRM hosted customer, but want to have full access to your Blackbaud Data Warehouse? Zuri Group partnered with Children’s Hospital of Colorado to build a synchronization utility (BBDW Sync) that allows any Blackbaud CRM hosted customer to replicate their data warehouse to an on-premise SQL server. Or, Zuri Group can provide access to your data through a cloud based provider; such as Amazon Web Services, Azure, Rackspace.

How can Zuri Group do this? We have created a proprietary Blackbaud CRM business process using the SDK that identifies the incremental data changes to your data warehouse each night and securely transfers these changes to another environment.

No longer will you need to receive monthly backups from Blackbaud and spend hours backing up, transmitting and restoring SQL Server Database. Simply deploy the BBDW Sync into your Production environment, schedule the BBDW Sync business process to run after your nightly Blackbaud Data Warehouse ETL refresh, schedule a small utility to run in your local environment, and every morning you will have an updated copy of your data warehouse.

CRM Single Sign-on Solution

Zuri Group has worked extensively over the past three years to build a comprehensive SAML2 based Single Sign-on Solution for the Blackbaud CRM community. Through close collaboration with The Ohio State University, Zuri Group delivered a multi-factor SAML2 SSO solution for Blackbaud CRM using the Shibboleth Identity Provider. Furthermore, Blackbaud has developed proof-of-concept solutions for other enterprise SAML identity providers; including OneLogin and Okta.

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